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Mario Party 8 artwork

Chain Chomps are a ball and chain-like species, usually black in color, with both the characteristics and barking noises of a canine. They are from the main Mario franchise, in which they debuted in Super Mario Bros. 3. Chain Chomps have went on to make some appearances in both the Yoshi franchise and the The Legend of Zelda franchise.

A few Mario spinoff titles feature Chain Chomps in Wario's location. Despite this, only one Chain Chomp has ever appeared in the Wario franchise; in WarioWare: Touched! a red Chain Chomp is featured in the Reel-to-Reel souvenir.

Related appearances[edit]

Mario Power Tennis[edit]

In Mario Power Tennis, there is a minigame that takes place in the Wario Factory Court featuring Chain Chomps. If fed, normal Chain Chomps reward the player one point. If shot with a Bob-omb, normal Chain Chomps become mad, and if shot with water, normal Chain Chomps fall asleep. Angry Chain Chomps reward players two points per ball, but if struck by a Bob-omb, they chase the player, and the player must hit a switch to avoid losing points. Striking angry Chain Chomps with water reverts them to normal. Sleeping Chain Chomps reward no points and must be woken with a Bob-omb.

Super Mario 64 DS[edit]

In Super Mario 64 DS, with Wario introduced as a playable character, it is possible for him to do the mission Behind Chain Chomp's Gate, in which the goal is to free a Chain Chomp from its stump. Because of his weight, Wario can instantly Ground Pound a stump into the ground to release the Chain Chomp, which then charges into a nearby gate, breaking it open and allowing Wario to collect the Power Star.

Mario Superstar Baseball[edit]

The Chain Chomp in the minigame Chain Chomp Sprint in Mario Superstar Baseball

Two Chain Chomps appear in Mario Superstar Baseball as an obstacle in the foul line in the Wario Palace field. There are two of these chain chomps placed on the course one being on the left and the other being on the right near the edge of the field. If a ball is hit at them when they are asleep they wake up. After that any ball that comes in range they hit back into the field by headbutting it. These balls are still catchable and do not count as fouls. There is also one that appears in the "Chain Chomp Sprint" minigame. It sleeps in the center of the bases, and if players are still running the bases it while it is awake, it rams into them, causing them to be out for a few seconds and they lose half of their jewels. The Chain Chomp in Wario Palace also appears in the intro where it tries to attack Donkey Kong after he uses his climbing abilities to catch the ball.

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